What we know about carp?It is known that the female carp spawn up to six million eggs. For this reason, the carp is sometimes called “water pig” that does not seem surprising. After quickly fattened fish described by transferring food in live weight is almost 3 times more efficient than cattle. That is, to put on weight one kilogram carp need about 2.5 .. 4.5 kilograms of feed. This is due to the fact that carp as all fish holodnokroven, so it does not have to consume some energy food in body temperature above the ambient temperature. Under favorable conditions, these fish fry of the year will receive a special weight to 800 grams. Continue reading

Pets will be scratched behind the ear?The cat, of course, is friends with a man from time immemorial. As an object of veneration she gained recognition in ancient Egypt. Here cat has received the status of the sacred animal. Had a great influence goddess Bast, who was portrayed as a woman with a cat’s head. In honor of this goddess arranged sumptuous feasts. Cats so much adored that as people were buried with full honors. Archaeologists have discovered a whole “memorials” with similar burials. Middle Ages was the “black” period, not only for witches, wizards and all dissidents people, but also for cats. Inquisition considered these independent animal personification of evil, equating them to accomplices of the devil. Especially got cats with black color. With black cats associated with many superstitions, until comical. Continue reading

Turkish VanTurkish Van – Longhair sized, has snow-white hair that never turns yellow, with characteristic colored inclusions: symmetrical reddish-brown spots on the head at the base of the ears between them – a thin white stripe of the same color and fluffy tail. Saturation shade can vary from light cream to a darker chestnut. On the left shoulder blade – a small spot of color, sometimes a few spots may be on the back. About the emergence of rock van in Turkey there is a beautiful legend. When Noah built his ark and sail, the devil started to ship the mouse to it gnawed through the bottom that would unavoidably lead to the loss of the ship and all its passengers. And then the Lord has given the task to find a white cat and catch this mouse. Cat quickly and successfully accomplished the task and saved, so Noah’s family from destruction, for which he received a blessing – the Lord touched her with his hand, giving a red-brown color on the head and tail and leaving the blade fingerprints. Continue reading

What is marabunta?The edges, and also headed the column marching soldiers – ants with large and strong jaws. In the center of the flow moving workers carrying eggs and larvae. In the rear of the column moves uterus surrounded soldiers bodyguards. Noted that these insects with amazing persistence attack opponents, able to arrange a long siege of the object that ultimately brings them victory. In the late nineteenth century in the Amazon jungle, near the mouth of the river Zhurua, took an unusual battle between humans and ants. Three days and two nights Englishman Edgar Lining with aides defended his extensive plantation and property from the bloodthirsty insects. Edgar knew that a small town Aveiros fifty years ago was attacked by ants and was abandoned. Continue reading

What to choose parrot?Budgie
When it comes to “feathered favorite,” the first one who comes to mind – it is a budgie. Indeed, this small, charming, bright and unpretentious care bird becomes instant family favorite. Budgie – very friendly and sociable pet. And literally, little effort, you can teach a few words or phrases. Most budgies – badass. If the house, except for them, there are pets, be sure the birds will necessarily go on the attack, especially cats get. Parrots also like to make a row – especially anything to drop and make it appear that it has itself fallen. And they scared revenge if disturbed their sleep. For example, if a loud ready for work in the morning, the parrot certainly wake the whole family in the holiday at dawn. These birds can see the cartoon and listen to music. In other words, with such a pet will not be bored at least ten years, because that is how much they live on average. Continue reading

Giant PandaBut not everything was so simple. After skin was fairly new! In Paris she got thanks to the French missionary A. David, who incidentally led the observation of nature. In one of the back settlements of Sichuan Province in 1869 missionary discovered the amazing skin. Local residents reported that it belongs to beat Shung, that is the “big bear”, dwells in the high mountains of dense thickets of bamboo. David sent the skin found in Europe, and he decided to try to find the beast in its natural environment. In the same year a curious Frenchman was lucky to see killed the day before hit-Zhung and buy a whole carcass entirely. She was also sent to France. Thus, the last doubts about the reality of an unknown beast dissipated. Continue reading